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Designed with your business in mind, Cloudifi Access is enterprises grade secure distributed access which deliver a more democratic, private and secure scalable network of tomorrow. It is quicker and simpler as compared to IPSec and OpenVPN. Enable you to be able to have speedy access securely to your business resources even when you are in public spaces or even overseas. Anytime & anywhere.

Cloud enterprises distributed access

With the concept of cryptokey routing, where a node’s public key is tied to a list of IP addresses that node is allowed to have inside the VPN tunnel. Where trust is built on blockchain’s enhanced security, greater transparency, and instant traceability. This means there is no possibility of node impersonation on the network if the node’s private key remains secure.


  1. Uses the blockchain for better security and decentralisation;
  2. Nodes communicate in a p2p network;
  3. A decentralized voting system is used to make decisions
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