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"Born for your Cloud/Digital Transformation"

Cloud computing has become the de facto platform for digital transformation strategies. And these trends are shaping companies’ cloud adoption where cloud apps and remote work are the norm, now is the right time to recalibrate thinking around the mobile computing needs of the workforce Cloudifi Business Service bundle with Chromebook will enhance operational efficiency and help you stay ahead of the competition.

Imagine a world where…

1. Flexible solutions makes working from anywhere a reality;

2. Cloud app & tools let people maximize efficiency;

3. Simple, human-centric design deepens working together.

4. Experience the speed and simplicity and as-a-Service model

Built-in virus protection

Browse virus-free online and offline, wherever you work. From the moment you open your Chromebook, you’re protected by multiple layers of security to defend against malware, viruses and accidental mishaps, too.

The best of Google built-in

Know Chrome and Google Workspace? You’ll be up and working in no time. Plus, there’s the Google Play Store, so you have access to your favourite apps on your phone, tablet and desktop.

Saving with easier management

Eliminate expenses such as software upgrades, downtime, IT ops, maintenance, and training with an easy-to-manage system that improves over time with less IT maintenance. 


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