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Real Estate agents and real-estate agent teams require a unique set of phone system features so they can separate real-estate customers from non-business or personnel calls. Most agents depend on their smartphones for communication, using numerous apps to schedule appointments, maintain their professional contacts and keep in constant touch with team members and negotiation parties.

89% of Real Estate buyers rated Responsiveness as very important when choosing an agent to work with. Over 82% ranked communication skills as an important requirement.

This is where the affordable Cloudifi Voice, a Virtual Phone System excels. The Cloudifi based virtual PBX system for real-estate professionals will markedly improve communications resulting in a more pleasurable overall experience for both buyers and sellers.. It allows agents to prosper and build a trustworthy brand image while still using your current smart phone.

The Features You Love:

Business Phone Number

Choose a vanity local number or port an existing number.

Desktop and Mobile Apps

Use Softphone app such as GSwave or Zoiper on both iPhone and Android to keeps business calls separate. Use your personal and business phone numbers on one phone. At home or in the office use your internet connection for business calls.

Incoming Call Control and Call Forwarding

Easily customize how and when you receive multiple calls. Place them on hold with music, Forward calls to voicemail, another team member or a home phone.

Simultaneous Call Handling, Extension Dialing and Call Transfers

A busy line can be set to forward callers to another number. Instead of receiving a busy signal, the caller hears the normal ringtone. Extension dialing can be set to give callers a message with choices “press 1 for sales, 2 for …”. Very easy to transfer a customer without dropping the call to another extension or phone number.

Voicemail to eMail

Automatically attach your voicemails to your email, so you can listen them on your computer, iPhone, or Android device.

Whatsapp Business Texting

You can use it with Whatsapp business app to send and receive text messages and also Whatsapp calls for you business, rather than your personal number. 

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